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Surreall & Dallas Blocker -

Monday, February 7, 2011

Now you know I had to show love to my Home Team, SwishaHouse and Surreall "The #1 Dame in the Game" at her video shoot with Dallas Blocker. She is a sweet girl and I admire her drive and I know that it'll be her moment soon!!

I caught up with her while she was filming her video with Dallas Blocker If you know my "title" you know I was all business ;-) handling #bosslady duties and final touches while grabbing a quick lil clip.

"So Throwed" is a flirty rap song with an r&b feel, its very catchy and I really like it. Dallas and Surreall both definitely did their thing on the track! Getting great response from the fans, which is always awesome!!


Check out the song below

DJ's send me a comment if you need me to email you the song ;-) 

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