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PXNDX Loves SpoiledLatina

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I interviewed PXNDX a Mexican Rock/Punk Group from Monterrey Mexico last week for my upcoming TV Show. Panda just released an MTV Unplugged album so make sure to support!!

Honestly, I had never heard Pxndx before but after researching and taking a listen to their music, I became a fan. I am 1st generation Mexican American, Therefore musically, I listened to everything... all types of Spanish music to country to Metallica to Jay-z and back to classical. They remind me of and something I would listen to with my brothers, very punkish and real. I'm glad I was able to chat & meet with these guys.

The song that is playing in the following video is a song from the MTV Unplugged album, its one of my fav's!

Check out the clip:

makeup by: Lisa Pelayo

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