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Road Trip with Chevy to Fiesta De La Flor

Monday, April 22, 2019

A few weeks ago I decided to participate at Fiesta De La Flor in Corpus Christi as a vendor selling my Spoiled Latina and Jefita Bonita T's. Honestly, I was very nervous about selling my merch on such a big weekend but knew that Jefita's live everywhere and Spoiled Latinas are all around us plus FDLF would be the biggest event I had ever sold at besides SL Day. 
I had to make sure I stocked up on new color ways, sizes and different inventory to be fully prepared for such a grand weekend and I was.

Corpus Christi, is about a 3 hour drive from Houston, and I knew that I would drive because of everything I was taking with me. While planning it all out, Chevy calls me! (God is Good!)
Turns out, Chevrolet was an official sponsor of Fiesta De La Flor and wanted to offer a media loan to help me get to Corpus in style, comfort and room for all of my merch and supplies and not to mention our luggage.
Grateful for the Chevy team for supporting their media friends to help make our work easier!!

We all know weekend road trips are always fun, but weekend road trips with your girl friends are way more fun, so I invited a few of my girlfriends who are always very supportive of one another along for the trip, to keep me company and of course to hustle with. Only one came along, which was actually great because we used the back seated area to load in some supplies because we didn't want the rain to damage any of it. Y'all know Texas and its bipolar weather. lol 

The one friend who came along with me, Laura - was the best! We jammed out to all of our favorite tunes, laugh, share stories, found new roads and ultimately grew our friendship all while driving to and from Corpus in a Chevy was really cool. She hustled with me, shared the Spoiled Latina message and we gained a lot of new fans and customers! My cousin Christina and her daughter Celicia, also drove from The Valley (South Texas) to Corpus to help out and of course to enjoy the festivities. 

we had just arrived to the festival so excuse the look! 

 Click to watch my video with Adrienne Bailon and Suzette Quintanilla
I had a quick interview with Adrienne Bailon and Suzette - click to watch it! 

While my visit to Corpus, I also had the chance to catch up with my sister who I had not seen in a few years. She joined me at Fiesta De La Flor and than met up with me the next morning for breakfast before my drive back to Houston. So happy for these moments! 

Shout out to everyone that stopped by and shopped Spoiled Latina and Jefita Bonita...thank you for the support!

Chevrolet - thank you for the love! 

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