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I am the NEW Latina Magazine Correspondent!!

So excited to be sharing this amazing news with you!! If you follow me on social media than you might have already seen this, but if you haven't please take a look and if you're happy for me than please leave a comment below for me below!
Shout out to the amazing team over at Latina, I am looking forward to creating some cool stuff!

SpoiledLatina on The Not So Cool Podcast

I love when people create their own platforms from scratch and it begins to grow. That's what happened with Fred and Mike...2 photographers from Houston who created this podcast as a way to express their "cool" in "The Not So Cool" podcast.

I was invited as their guest this week and we talked about my career, how I started in this industry with SwishaHouse the record label, to starting SpoiledLatina, working with major liquor brands and now taking my talents to Latina Magazine.

watch the podcast and leave a comment!!!