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Better Together (sponsored post)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Better Together (sponsored post)

Sponsored post by Mirum

With my hubby and little man in the house things can get hectic. We all have packed schedules that require us to be on the go all day. That’s why I love using Caress Daily Silk Body wash Value Pack and my boys are smelling great with Axe Black from Sam’s Club. They are quick, easy to travel with, and smell great.

But best of all, Sam’s Club carries them! So, I can grab them while I am stocking the house up, and we have enough for both my guys!

Preparing for the day, freshening up mid-day, or getting ready for a night out, a quick blast of confidence from Axe is what my boys need.

But with Axe Black and Caress, my entire family is #BetterTogetherSC!

And Caress is for me, it gives me just what I need to start my day feeling fresh and lovely. I also love the reassurance that I smell great through out the day. 

And after a long day it is the perfect way to relax. 

And Sam’s makes it so easy to pick it up and go with their new app. Scan and Go! It makes my shopping trips so much quicker as I can scan my own products as I grab them!

Sam’s Club, Axe Black, and Caress all make my life easier and make sure my family is taken care of. 

We are #BetterTogetherSC!

SLDay 2017 at Republic Square Houston

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SLDay 2017 at Republic Square Houston

A whole month and a half ago, I celebrated my blogs 9th Anniversary. As I am writing this its hard to believe that I have been sharing my stories, my lifestyle and myself with you guys for over 9 years. What started off as a hobby has literally turned into a full time career that I am extremely proud of. I have changed in so many ways, grown, had a child, traveled so much and as we all have, I struggle with many personal insecurities but I am blessed to say…I am still here!

Blogging has been my personal getaway and in some way my therapy. Although, my time is so limited between my son, life and brand ambassador work it's hard to sit and write - but I love writing blog posts. I love thinking of ways to connect with you and share personal stories that I know you can relate to. It gives me time to reflect and think about how amazing life is and how impactful SL Day really is.

SLDay 2017 was held at on the beautiful grounds of what is now Republic Square Houston. The property which was once the Exxon West Campus is owned and operated by Boxer Property. Republic Square sits on a 35 acre property and is currently leasing nice, modern and affordable office space located on the I-10 West (West Corridor). Most of the leases are small businesses which is a plus…because you are surrounded by the go getter energy of the people and the amazing property views. The strolls throughout the grounds, the man made lake, fish, turtles, ducks, it’s a little piece of Houston that is truly a hidden gem. I literally just explained the vibe of getting to the event center at Republic Square. The event center is a open space with floor to ceiling windows, multiple conference areas - big and beautiful.

SLDay was catered by WhatchaCravin. Although, I created the menu - I was so busy that day that I didn't get to taste the food. I heard so many great reviews though and thankful for their sponsorship and the good food!

Thanks again!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for following my journey. Thank you for sharing, retweeting, liking and even if you just read or simply watch…
Thank you!

Ford! For the second year in a row, you have sponsored SL Day and couldn't be more grateful to you for your support. They strongly believe in the women of Houston and through their sponsorship, SL Day was made possible. Gracias!

Lili's Balloons did an amazing job with my vision of how I wanted it to be. She understood the idea and fully exceeded my expectations. The colors, the flamingo ... I can not wait to order more decorations from Lili!

HEB was gracious to sponsor as well.... the juices, cupcakes, water, fruit and coffee were all from My HEB!

Mi familia, so happy they were in town for my day!

3 generations