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HTownKid's Holiday Jingle Jam

Happy Holidays SpoiledOnes!

My Obsession for Dove

It's no secret, that I am obsessed with Dove. From its shampoo and conditioner to deodorant to soaps the scents, the quality and overall the feeling I feel while wearing the products is amazing. I feel clean, refreshed and ready to take on the world. Lately, especially during this busy holiday season I have been spending lots of time at Sam's. It's a one stop shop for me and my hubby on getting the things we need to survive this season.

I have already stressed over gifts, wrapping them and the one thing I do not want to worry about is going to different stores ... why stress myself out when Sam's personal care isle has shelves of various Dove hair, skin and deodorant products that you may already know and love, set at prices you can’t beat.

These are a few of the products you'll find, that I've purchased.

Dove Deo Cool Essentials 4pk + mini

•Most advanced care ever
•Unique 1/4 moisturizer to care for your skin
•Softer, smoother underarms in just 3 days

Dove 3 x 2…

Baby Bash on The SpoiledLatina Show

SpoiledLatina Night with The Houston Rockets...join Me!

Happy Monday SpoiledOnes!
We are only 5 days away from  SpoiledLatina Night with The Houston Rockets "Women Who Ball" event.  The Rockets host Dallas Mavericks and this state rivalry game will be a good one, especially in the company of likeminded powerful women who we can all be inspired from. 
The date is set, December 10th....I hope to see you there!

Please visit and enter promo code slight
a huge thank you to Boost Mobile for being the official sponsor of the night!