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JWoww shares my pregnancy pic

So yesterday my cousin tags me  in JWowws photo on Facebook. The photo is of me but is almost 5 years old from before Anthony was born.

Love the fact that she says  "Pregnant ladies can be sexy too" 

We can be sexy or at the time I thought was. I have always been fashionable and thought that in the comfort of my own home can do whatever I wanted so I did. 
Thank you to Jaylene for an awesome photo shoot. 
 More and all pics from her shoot can be seen here ->
Have a beautiful Sunday!! 

Spoil your feet- Converse style

I am on a Converse kick. I mean how couldn't you not be considering  the cute designs this season. Converse kicks are so classic that any design you choose  whether solid or print is a good choice!

Here are a few of my favorite picks 
and remember to always, SpoilYourself!

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Spoil your feet - Espadrilles

I am not mad at the many selections in Espadrilles lately. I know many of you have noticed the french inspired shoes at almost all places that sell shoes. I have a few pairs of my own and I must admit, I love them.  
Very simple to wear, comfy yet refined.  Spoil your feet

Ladies, there are lots of sales going on at the moment for the season transition and many espadrilles are on sale. Tag me if you have a pair, I  would love to see how you rock them #SpoiledOnes 
These are mine!!

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