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Vacation at The Jamaica Inn- Ocho Rios- Heaven

I had the most relaxing time ever during my vacation at The Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. While planning our vacation, we knew we didn't want a huge resort overflowing with hotel guests, and since this was our first vacation without our 3 year old, we didn't really want to be around any children. I know kinda posh but hey, that's how I do. lol I wanted a beach and we decided on Jamaica as our destination for the week.
Short flight from Houston to Montego Bay, a private car drove us to the hotel which was about an hour 1/2 of well worth the wait and time. Upon arrival to The Jamaica Inn, we were greeted by Kingsley a lovely gentlemen that graciously took care of our bags and assisted us to our room. (Kingsley has worked at The Jamaica Inn for over 6 years) oh the room, was glorious. I posted a video on my instagram page of how fabulous my room was and the view. Our first meal, was served in our room and it was amaze. I knew from that point on, that we would love it. A…

"Never Give Up" Nas- Hennessy part 2 video

I have always been a fan of Nas. His latest collaboration with Hennessy embodies his career of never stopping and never settling.

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