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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is Mason, the college student again and 


For my Celebrity Culture class
my group and I decided to make a video for our final project.

It came out AWESOME!
in order to get an A on the project,


So help me get there SpoiledOnes!
Please watch it and pass it on however you can!


A Sexy and Spoiled Halloween!


How fun is this holiday SpoiledOnes?

I'm sure most of y'all had some grown up fun this weekend already right?

I know I did!  I dressed up as a cute Minnie Mouse this weekend! A costume I made I might add :) 
(college budget ladies!)

How can we keep you ladies off of a scene where you finally to get let loose your inner WonderWomen, Pretty Kitty, and Fangly Vampire

Here at we would LOVE to know what you were in the comments below

everything spoiled always, 

 My roommate and I
She was a peacock and she also made her costume!

Yvonne to be a guest Fashionista on "Great Day Houston"

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yvonne to be a guest Fashionista on "Great Day Houston"
Lots of great things are happening around here at  From LATISM last week, and getting nominated for best Fashion blogger than you may remember, I was model for a day on Great Day Houston (a local lifestyle show in Houston) a couple of weeks ago which I was ultra happy about. And now I am excited to share some more fantastic news with all my Spoiled Ones***** drum roll please****  I will now be a guest fashionista on Great Day Houston!!

November 6th at 9 a.m. I will be talking the Fall/Winter fashion must haves, along with more surprises with Miss Debra Duncan, who is the host of the show.

Please spread the news via Facebook, twitter, instagram and all social networks and if your at work during that time, catch it online LIVE on the net, because in one way or the other and like always you will be "spoiled and learn a few things about Latina Fashionistas" 

Love you and thank you for the continuous support that you show me in my journey of life, fashion, beauty & entertainment.... xo!


Making Fitness a Part of Your Lifestyle!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

"You will never have the ass you want by sitting on the ass you have." Harsh, but true statement. The reality in life is that you will only aggressively persue that which you truly want. Bottom line is how bad do you want it??

In a society where everything is so fast paced and time seems more limited than ever it is very easy to make excuses about why you live the way you do, why you eat the way you do and why you refuse to make fitness a goal and priority in your life. "Well I don't have enough time." "I'm too tired." "I don't know how to cook healthy." Do these words sound familiar to you? If they do, I encourage you to make a conscious effort to immediately STOP making excuses and make yourself and your health a priority. The benefits of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, not diet or phase, but LIFESTYLE, are not only cosmetic, but you will reap rewards in your health and mind as well. Your attitude on life improves, your self esteem increases, you will live longer! Aside from feeling and looking great you have all these added bonuses that money cannot buy. Money cannot buy health or self esteem. You have to make yourself a priority period. There are are 24 hours in each day, and if you can take one hour out 3-4 times a week to get your ass to the gym or go somewhere you can get your sweat on you will be on your way to a whole new you...a better you!

Here are some tips on how to get motivated:

1. Get Started. Get the ball rolling! The hardest part is getting started, but just dive in! Find a gym, park, class or some kind of outlet for you to begin working out. Start on Monday if you must, but really any day, like today, is the perfect time to begin.

My 1st Latism was great!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I had never been to a conference for Latinos in Social Media and I must say I loved it and I will return the next and the following years to come. There was a feeling in the air and room filled with nothing but Latinos who love blogging or are involved in Social Media. This was the perfect place to learn, engage, meet and connect with the RIGHT people and making lasting friendships. I enjoyed everyone I met.

Not only was I nominated for Best Latina Fashion Blogger but I didn't even know I was nominated until a week before the conference, which is why I'm guessing I lost. :) lol I was up against some great nominees and considering it was my 1st nomination, I was pleased. However, It would have been great to win in my own city!

Vote for | Best Latina Fashion Blog | Latism

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vote for | Best Latina Fashion Blog | Latism

So excited to be taking part in The LATISM 2012 conference in Houston this coming weekend, even more thrilled because I am nominated for an award at LATISM. I would appreciate your vote in the "Best Latina Fashion Blogger" category. 

Thank you in advance Spoiled Ones!!


Red: A Staple

SpoiledOnes the holidays are upon us and you need to skip that LBD!

Fall's sexiest color is RED and that's exactly what you should be wearing!

A red dress for fall should be a staple in your closet. Red not only compliments you, but it can offer an instant confidence boost.  Check out our sultry icons like Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez in this fabulous color. 

The SpoiledAssistant

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The SpoiledAssistant
I think it is time for a proper introduction, so...

Hello SpoiledOnes!

I am Mason, the very spoiled assistant to Yvonne :)

A little bit about myself and why/how I am here:

I am a student at the University of Texas and have been working with Yvonne for a little over a year and a half now. I initially found her on Twitter and was fascinated by her ability to juggle having a successful career, being a mom, a blogger, and a still be fashionable! I extensively searched for contact information and had absolutely no luck. I ended up Facebook messaging her! So unprofessional, I know, but I was determined. A few months later, even though she wasn't looking, she offered me her internship. 

Of course, I accepted! :)

I started out as her marketing intern for SwishaHouse records. Working behind Yvonne I was taught so in-depth about marketing and the music business in general. Which, ultimately, helped me pick my career path! I loved living in Houston for the summer and was completely engaged in the music scene.

So, why are we Spoiled?

I got to spend a lot of time with Yvonne in Houston and got really engulfed in her Spoiled movement. So after I left Houston, I was ecstatic when she asked me stay on with her and I would now be working on SpoiledLatina.

I love my job because not only am I gaining amazing experience, but I am working for my role model. 

I am excited to be able to start sharing my Spoiled blogs and hope y'all enjoy them too!

<3 M.G.

What I am typing with OPI: Dulce De Leche
(my absolute favorite nude!)

Wearing my favorite casual tee from
Tailgating: super casual center part, Victoria Secret "Can't Be Beat" tank, American Eagle shorts. 

My lovely Boss and I!
See the transition?

I couldn't introduce myself without letting y'all
know about my most precious possession
Miss Sophie!

A Perfectly Spoiled Night Out Idea: PITCH PERFECT + GIVE A WAY!

A Perfectly Spoiled Night Out Idea: PITCH PERFECT + GIVE A WAY!

SpoiledOnes, if you're anything like me (which I know you are ^.^), you need to a break from hitting up all the hottest social events. But you still want a fun night out! 

Well I have the Perfect idea!  
HIt-up the movie theaters to see Pitch Perfect!

Pitch Perfect has everything needed to have a Perfect night out with all your best girlfriends or the guy you want to spend time with ;)
 It is situated around new college girl, Beca, who could careless what you have to say because all she wants to do is listen to her music. Not fitting in to any of the traditional cliques, she finds herself with a combination of mean girls, sweet girls, and weird girls. 
The only thing these girls can do harmoniously is singing! Which prompts Beca to help them battle their way through college-level singing competitions. 

These girl include new mixes to the hottest songs of right now that are all seamlessly integrated into this movie that will have you sharing that beautiful laugh of yours all night. 

Now check out this clip cause your'e PerfectlySpoiled and good at it! 

So, do I have a treat for you!


Each package includes



I am so excited to be attending Latism-Houston with my boss and friends from UT! The guest speakers and conferences will be awesome! I hear celebrity guests will be in attendance and is also a huge opportunity to network, which is always good for a soon-to-be graduated college student!

And, because it is social-media geared, I think all bloggers should go and learn more about what we can address through out postings. But there are "tracks" that will appeal to anyone! 

Know anyone who could benefit in the conference or is interested? a college student? a business owner? nurse? teacher?

Send them the link!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also sponsored Student and Educators passes that are completely free! go to for more details!!

J.Lo wardrobe malfunction AGAIN

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

J.Lo wardrobe malfunction AGAIN

Jennifer Lopez is on tour and last week while in Bologna, Italy she accidentally let her nip slip.

This comes to no surprise to me because when I went to see her Houston concert last month and witness the Bronx beauty get down like the power dancer that she is, I was wondering if the nip was going to slip. lol

Witnesses to the show say, her dancers help her maneuver her malfunction and she bounced back like a champ.  Although Italianos are used to seeing topless women, they are not used to seeing topless J.Lo's.

This is the 2nd time in a week where Jenny from the block has a wardrobe malfunction. She was also caught wearing Spanx....(which to me, is no big deal. I know people who double spanx as a matter of fact) at her concert, and come to think of it...when I saw her here in Houston last month I thought she looked AMAZING, and never questioned the spanx, but from the pics and videos a she was wearing them here too.  See for yourself

She has been on the road with her childen...that lil boy is looking exactly like his daddy. Que Chulo...el nino digo :)

Duo Fashion show- video recap

Friday, October 12, 2012

Duo Fashion show- video recap
Duo Fashion Show recap, please share with your friends and Love it please!

Latina Magazine Beauty Bash interview with Amanda Flores (video)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Latina Magazine Beauty Bash interview with Amanda Flores (video)
covered the Latina Magazine Beauty Bash, remember the pics? Well, here is the video recap and interview with Amanda Flores the Beauty Editor for Latina. Click to watch and learn the latest fall beauty trends all Latinas should try....

DuO Fall Fashion Event

Duo, which is a fashion boutique in Houston's trendy Montrose area, is a boutique which carries fashionable in style attire along with accessories at super affordable prices,  hosted its Fall Fashion Show this past weekend and like always, if you missed it, well you missed out on a lot! Ruben Flores is the store manager and organizer of the event, along with his staff did an excellent job! Mini cupcakes and champagne was flowing, the music was perfect and Following this post, will be my video recap of the event along with an interview with Ruben and lots of pretty fashionable folks!  enjoy the pics for now...

Ruben Flores, stylist and store manager at Duo

Model for a Day- Great Day Houston

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I was invited to model in a fashion segment on Great Day Houston today and I met some fabulous ladies while working with Color & Fashion Stylist Lauren Battistini owner of Color My Closet. She dressed us in different fashion style personalities based on celebrities and I think mine fit me just perfect, although at times I can be all 5 she talked about...take a look at the pictures and watch the video just in case you missed me!

right before walking out

Latina Magazine/CVS Mi Belleza event

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

 Latina Magazine and CVS/Pharmacy hosted a fun beauty event last week showcasing some of Fall's beauty trends. I was so excited to attend and meet with the Beauty Editor of the Latina, Amanda Flores who says this was her 1st time in Texas. Hopefully not the last.  The night started out with appetizers, flavorful signature drinks, Amanda spoke about the latest fall beauty trends than ended with mini makeovers putting the fall trends to work that very night. It was a great event, met lovely fans and learned some creative beauty tips.