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Good Bye 2011!

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, what a year! Lots of exciting things happened in 2011 and lots of not so exciting things as well...but that is life and that is the beauty of waking up to a new day.  (Some of my Favorite pics of 2011 will be posted throughout my post)

Today, I woke up and got dressed to go to a funeral of a very good friend of mines daughter. She was 15 years old, very beautiful little girl, always laughing, smiling and every time she would see me, she would run and hug me and say "Hello Miss Yvonne". The funeral service was beautiful, pink and purple balloons, huge Hello Kitty balloons as well. It was a celebration of her life on earth, she passed away from Leukemia which she was diagnosed with 4 years ago. She was a tough little cookie and the strength of a giant in her tiny little body. God Bless You Romika. She taught everyone she was around to have more strength than she did...she touched a lot of hearts. She is one of the main reasons, I will not worry myself with petty things. Life is too short & too precious. 

Later, I took my son to get his 1st hair cut today. That was somewhat scary to me, but  I must say the BEST experience I had this year was raising my 1 year old son, with the help of my hubby of course.  But just seeing this little boy in action, and seeing his little personality shine and how adventurous yet curious he is, is so intriguing and I just can not wait to experience another year with him going into his terrible 2's. (that will be interesting) 

met and interviewed Christian Siriano