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MUA- Lisa Pelayo

I have been raving about Lisa Pelayo for a while now and not only because she is one of my favorite make up artists, but because she is the official Make Up Artist of my TV Show "Latin Fever" . Lisa loves to play with colors (if you let her) and she will always make you look and feel incredible.  

Lisa is a young Latina woman who is an entrepreneur of her own brand, LP Artistry. LPA will launch as a full on Make up service for the young, vibrant, independent and let's not forget sexy woman. Lisa travels to you for your most precious moments in your life where you absolutely have to look your best.
She makes you feel and look beautiful for either you wedding, quinceniera or just for a special night out with your friends or your honey. She is also now a certified tanning specialist, and can give you the golden bronze customized for your body only.   She is awesome at what she does....

I recently did a Q&A with her  

How did you get into applying Makeup and making it a full time job?

 I applied at MAC Cosmetics hoping it would be a change from a desk job. To my surprise I fell in love with the creativity of doing makeup and was really good at selling as well. I moved up from part-time to full time with-in a year. After a few years of working at MAC, I wanted to focus more on just doing makeup. I left early 2010, and began to focus on my career as a full-time professional makeup artist. 

What is your favorite style of Makeup?
 I really don't have a favorite style as long as the skin looks flawless!

What advice would you give young girls who are doing makeup on themselves now and applying it on their friends and have maybe thought of doing it fulltime but dont really know the business side of it?
 I would say go online and look up make up artist tips. There is so much help out in the internet world and it gives you ideas on how to bring in business. Also by taking some classes by professional makeup artist who have been in the industry for many years.

Talk about your customized tanning application? Benefits of sunless tanning?
Spray tanning is the new healthy way of tanning. Tanning beds ruin your skin and can be cancerous. The spray tanning solutions I use contain healthy ingredients for your skin and you also get a nice rich tan with one session. With the purchase of one tanning session you receive prepping products, disposable garments, and a 1 oz tanning extender.

Where can one reach you to be a Lisa Pelayo glamdoll?
Facebook: lpartistry, website:, or contact me @ 281-781-6914

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