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3 Ways To Stay Positive

Monday, July 1, 2019

Life. It's so beautiful, so hard, so easy, so confusing, so great! Don't you agree?

We've all have said it to someone or have had someone say it to us "Stay Positive". It's so easy to say those words, but for many people staying positive when the going gets rough is, rough. Staying positive is a mental task we all must learn how to master in order to live a peaceful, happy life. Being Positive is also a daily challenge that requires focus and attention and you MUST be intentional about staying positive, because we all know the mind plays tricks on us.

3 Ways To Stay Positive:
  1. Stay optimistic. As mentioned above, being positive requires your mind to be in a peaceful state. It requires you to shift your thinking to that one of optimistic and hopeful outcomes. The only way to have a good day or a better outcome is to "VISUALIZE" yourself having one. Stay Optimistic. Yes, life is hard. You are not the only one doubting yourself but if you don't have a spark of optimism and hope than you will stay stuck and WE Don't stay stuck, we move!
  2. Stay away from those feelings, people, things and energies that "DON'T FEEL RIGHT". Often times, as humans we are worried about hurting someone else because of fear that they won't like you or they won't value your opinion. If something is not "feeling" well. If something is "not going your way" - you must shift your mindset and free your self from those feelings. You've got to seek energies who fulfill your soul with power and fuel your mind with goodness. Remember life is too short for the B.S. and I don't mean bags and shoes. 
  3. Exercise regularly, eat well and sleep enough! Sounds so cliché but when I tell you this has been working or me lately, it's so true! I used to dislike looking at myself, until one day I had enough. I joined Hard Core Pilates and changed my mindset. I am going to be healthy, I am going to feel good, I am going to eat less but still eat what I love and I am going to take responsibility of my life and my feelings towards myself. Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy and if it was easy I probably wouldn't do it. It's a mental game we must win, its a mental game against our own selfs to be the best person we can be. When you start feeling good from the inside, and working out your outer body - the feeling is different. You start loving yourself more. BUT IT ALL START WITH staying Optimistic. If I wasn't optimistic, about joining Pilates, than I would never have uploaded these pictures. Thank you Wayne, Claire and my girls for the encouragement. 
Trust the outcome, work hard, OWN your MIND and do it for yourself....Stay Positive!

outfit details:
shorts: asos
shoes: nordstrom - Vince Camuto
shirt: Forever 21 (shirt/dress)
purse: Michael Kors - purchased at HPO - Michael Kors outlet 

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