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It Was All A Dream....Making my dreams a reality with a podcast

Monday, September 10, 2018

I leaped into a podcast!  Because, obviously - I don’t have a million other things to do. (YOLO)
A few weeks ago my colleague and I were having a casual lunch and when I say casual, I mean I’m dressed in Jordan’s, tights, hair in a bun and my favorite J.LO tank top and you can bet I had my hoops on as well. Oh and mine and her child were there too. These meetings with Ellyse, my friend, colleague and now co-host usually happen at Chic-Fil-A. Kids play while mommies make money moves.

Our podcast is titled.. “It Was All A Dream”.

It’s a podcast where Elyse and I share conversations with a variety of entrepreneurs who are making their dreams a reality. The entertaining yet inspirational podcast will bring you closer to the people behind the brand. Myself and Ellyse are super excited to be sharing these business convos with people we are inspired by in one way or another and you’ll definitely feel more driven and motivated to conquer your own dreams after listing to our show... at least that’s the goal! 

Tune in to our podcast and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts. We are also going LIVE on Facebook Tuesday’s at 12 moon cst which is the day we upload new episodes.

Thanks so much for your support through out the years!

oh and here are our little know we had to snap a pic of these two cuties!

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