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Monday, June 19, 2017

Anthony is growing older and as time has passed I have had to learn how prevent accidents from happening in our home. Kids are “new here”, and their minds are so inquisitive of things especially things that they shouldn't be getting into…especially in the laundry room. Accidents can happen and this is why Tide® is encouraging parents to 

Keep Them Up, Keep Them Closed, Keep Them Safe.” Ideally somewhere that isn't visible in my home works. If my son hasn't seen it, than he's not thinking about it. If you have cabinets or storage space I encourage you to do the same. Store them above where the kids can’t reach and close the door so they aren't visible and wondering about it.

As much as I love cute clothes, and be out and be social - reality hits when it’s laundry day. And with all the work I have going on, I sometimes forget that I need to wash my favorite clothes separately. Now, I don't have to worry, thanks to Tide® PODS™ + Downy®. Tide® PODS™ + Downy® is the first detergent packet designed to clean and protect clothes from stretching or losing their color. These chemist are so high tech now, that I no longer have to measure and / or forget to add Downy® to the wash because the PODS™ include it….genius! 1 packet, laundry done!

My mother often comes to visit and I love my mom, but as she is getting older her vision is worsening and when she visits she LOVES to wash clothes. I have a lot of clothes and not to mention a lot of cute colorful clothes that she accidentally throws in the wash with not so colorful clothes - luckily for me the Pods contain ingredients that are suitable for fabrics that are traditionally cannot be washed with fabric softeners but can benefit from conditioning, so it’s a win-win! My mom loves the convenience of just grabbing a packet and tossing it into the washer machine. It’s safe, convenient and we’re all happy.

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