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Mother's Day with Dove and Sam's Club #RealBeauty #Dove

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.

My mother is my heart and soul. I talk to her everyday and try to bring her to Houston to visit as often as possible. And with Mother's Day and her birthday being this month, I made sure to have her here in Houston. What made the deal even sweeter was that Dove picked us to participate in their 
Sam's Club Mother's Day campaign.

It started a beautiful conversation about how my mom remains a confident women.

SL: What makes you feel beautiful?
Mama: I feel the most beautiful when you girls (my sister and I) tell me I look pretty. I like to put my best face forward and it helps when other's notice.

SL: Why do Dove products appeal to you?
Mama: They are so feminine and soft. They make you feel womanly.

SL: What do you think is the most beautiful quality about our relationship?
Mama: You and I are so alike, I know I can look to you to understand what I like. And I like that you include me in your the things you want to achieve. 

SL: Where did you get your confidence?
Mama: I got my confidence from my mother, from our culture and heritage. I know I am an example to my grandkids and children and I want them to look at me and think "Welita es bien guapa pero bien luchona tambien".

There is a lot of beauty in our family. 

SL: What motivates you to keep sharing your confidence with the world?
Mama: Y'all do, everything that y'all do and get to experience makes me want to do more to help. I love seeing you girls achieve things and seeing you happy. 

Needless to say I was in tears after this. 
She juggles all of us kids and grandkids, she keeps her household perfect and always makes time to visit us. She deserves to be pampered many times over. 
AND then thanks to Dove, I was able to gift her these amazing products.

Sam's Club is also participating with Dove for the 
Buy, Snap, Redeem offer! 

If you buy two Dove products from Sam's you get a WHOLE YEAR subscription to a magazine of your choice. Now that is easy to do. I live by the Dove Bar and Deodorant spray! They are so nicely scented and the perfect girly touch to any "regular" day. 

#Dove #Ad

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