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Superbowl Beyonce!

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Queen proved why she is the reigning champ tonight! Not only did Coldplay and Bruno Mars play back up to Formation singer; but she just through everyone for a loop when she hit us with the 1,2, punch and announced her Formation World Tour.  

The one woman who can drop a new video for a new song, perform that song at the Superbowl the day after dropping the new video and announce a world tour at the heel of per performance is not only a performer, but a mother, a wife, a daughter and and inspiration to many of us. 

There has been a lot of talk about her video and what it means -- she has guts, courage and without a doubt doesn't give 2 hoots about anyones opinion.

Thank you, Beyonce!
 Thank you for the years of musical happiness, for taking us on your journey that was also our journey. I say that because her songs, carry out moments that some of us live in some way or another. Music connects to the heart and is felt in the soul and she has been someone that I have cried with, laughed, danced, turned up to and I have admired her for many many years. Classy, gracious, humble, simply B. 

If you aren't one of the 11 million viewers that has watched the Formation video--- than here you go!

And, if you want more info on the tour...more info here.

Beyonce Superbowl performance with Destiny's Child 

 and if you want to see more...I filmed the next video in Houston a few years ago.

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