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SpoiledLatina loves cars - Houston Auto Show

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lizza in the House!
Houston, We have Cars!
Lots of them and they are all different from nice to big, round, spacious, tiny, affordable, expensive and everything in between. The Houston Auto Show was the place to be at this past weekend. NRG Park is where all the fun was at. If you had been watching my snaps from earlier that week, you saw that I was at the #HoustonAutoShow on Wednesday having a ball!?

How fun is it to walk around a big open space filled with all types of cars? Chevrolet, GMC, Ford,
Toyota,  Jeep, Mercedes, BMW, VW you name the car and they were there. All except for RR.  I love being in a room of "inspiration" the "one day, I'm going to be driving in the Mercedes G-Wagon" moments fill my heart and get me motivated to keep on pushing.  

I partnered with the great team at for the exclusive behind the scenes from the day before the show opened to the day it officially opened to the public. If you have never been to an auto show like this where all brands are participating, you must! 

I was excited to hear and watch the unveiling of 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 which comes out later this year. I also was happy to learn more about the Jeep I drive. I tested out the new VW Passat which was way different from the Passat I had.

Check out my photos and looking forward to learning more about these fabulous cars!

big body Lexus
Cadillac never disappoints  
Cadillac CT-6
can you tell I love me a Cadi. lol

Mr. Alvaro with Ford and Mr. Lopez

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