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Red Bull x Flying Bach x Houston = must see!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

When you think of classical music, you don't think of break dancing do you? I didn't either, but I was definitely intrigued by it. The idea that the dancers had to create and dance along to classical piece was something I had to see. I listened to classical music nearly the whole time I was pregnant with my son... and whenever Anthony is sleepy or fussy while we are out and about I always change the radio station to a classical station because I know he we will rest easy and its soothing. I also wasn't new to break dancing, my older brothers used to break dance back in the day and I remember that once, when no one was looking I did a headspin in the back yard of my parents house on a piece of cardboard box that was laid out flat. i promise. lol 

Red Bull Flying Bach is what was created when Red Bull, the Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel partnered. Flying Steps are an internationally known and four time world champion dance crew that first showcased "Flying Bach" in 2010 in Berlin and than Germany. Since than Flying Bach has been touring the world and have performed in over 28 countries and for more than 300,000 spectators. 

I was blessed to attend a media day (title pic)  which included learning the fundamentals of breakdancing by one of the Flying Steps dancers. My moves weren't up to par, but again as a Latina I don't think I did that bad. lol I share a video on my Instagram
I also chatted with Benny Kimoto who is one of the dancers and he was really excited about the work they have done and the barriers they have broken. He was very sweet, came by and spoke to my son and I during dress rehearsals. 

The show is in Houston for the 1st time ever once it leaves Houston it will make its way to Europe; so its a must see! 

The photos my photographer Mike captured are pretty cool and the video footage below is from my snapchat from dress rehearsals and from the ending of the show. 

Flying Bach is kid friendly, I took my 5 year old who absolutely was inspired to become a break dancer by the end of the show. 

watch the video: 

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