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Jennifer Lopez Wins Icon Billboard Award 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey Spoiled One's!
Here is some Motivation Monday!
Last night our very own Jennifer Lopez was presented with the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards making her the very first female artist to be honored with this award.
She thanked her family, friends, God, and all the people that have been with her throughout her career as a singer, actress, and the many things she is involved with.
But she also addressed "Her Gente Latina."
She said, "Trabajen duro y suenen grande! Tengan Fe."
Work very hard, dream big, and always have faith.
Jenny from the Block is a genuine example to follow for Latinas and Latinos.
So remember Spoiled One's,
In JLo's own words, "You never know where you might end up."
I love her! 

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