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Monday, March 17, 2014

Love Yourself

Almost everyone is familiar with the saying “Your attitude determines how your day goes.” 

Well believe it or not, it’s significantly true. 
Start off the day with a positive attitude, and your day will go by smoother.

Women should learn how to be happy with themselves from every single aspect. 
Everyone has a vision of what “perfect” looks like, however, in that process we lose the value of ourselves.

Well here’s a challenge.

Once a week, as soon as you wake up, take about ten minutes to jot down 
what attributes of yourself you’re happy with.

1. My smile
2. My determination
3. The way I ask for help when I know I need it
4. How well I finished my last project
5. How I remembered my friend's birthday
6. How clean I have kept my house this week
7. Being my own inspiration to go workout 
8. My ability to keep people calm
9. The way I am able to keep myself on task
10. My ability to live in the moment and not on the internet

It’s very easy to point out your flaws, 
but once you take a minute to recognize what makes you special
what makes you unique, you’ll appreciate yourself a little more.

There is no such thing as perfect. 
Our attributes as well as our flaws are what make us ourselves.

Don’t expect to find happiness in another person, 

happiness comes from within.

When you love yourself,
 when you do what you love, 
when you focus on yourself
you give off positive vibes that illuminate your surroundings, 
and you attract even more positivity. 
It’s a cycle.

If you’re not happy with your weight, don’t wait for the new year to come around, take thirty minutes out of your day to workout.

If you’re not happy with your relationship, reevaluate it.

If you’re not happy with something in your life, take the initiative to change it, 
don’t let comfort or the fear of change keep you in a stuck position.

Change doesn’t come in an instant. It takes work, it takes effort, and it takes passion.

Be your own best motivator, whatever makes you happy, go for it.

Happiness is reachable, it’s all up to YOU to SPOIL YOURSELF with it.


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