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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey #SpoiledOnes!

As you can probably tell, Yvonne has been all over the place lately! But one thing she never forgets to do is make time for AC. With a break from school, she wanted to make sure he is still being stimulated, and what better way than through the arts of Houston! So this holiday season she is using the Official Houston CityPASS®.

So what is the Official Houston CityPASS®?

Its a 9 day pass that can be used at the Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquarium, Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo or Kemah Boardwalk, The Children's Museum of Houston or Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Why did Yvonne use the Official Houston CityPASS®?

It saves her 50% off  the total entry costs for all of those place combined! And, she got 9 days to go to all of those places. Plus, she got to "skip the line" with the pass.

Yvonne's Thoughts:

"This pass made it easy for me to get into the venue. I didn't have to hassle with the lines. Which, as a mom to a 4-year-old that is a blessing! All of the places we went to were here in Houston and kept AC entertained the entire time. I feel like he is at an age where he can begin to understand and learn about whats going on around him. And since he is on his holiday break from school, it has provided us with some much needed mommy-son time this holiday season!

Wish I could have gone with them!
Here is more information about the Official Houston CityPASS!


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