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We LOVE BeautyBlender! [giveaway]

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey #SpoiledOnes!

Here at we are OBSESSED with our Beautyblenders!

We believe it can literally change the way you do your makeup and your life! It can give you any look and fix any imperfection or mistake. All you have to do is pat your face with the iconic pink sponge and you will come out looking flawless!
Like the name suggests, it is a beauty-blender, so it blends your makeup together so you won't have any of those scary makeup lines. It is also works perfectly for the hottest trend in makeup right now: contouring.
With the Beautyblender, covering up a break out has literally never been easier, all you have to do is buff it out. Or, maybe you filled in your eyebrows a little too much? You can easily soften them with a Beautyblender. The uses for the Beautyblender are endless!

Yvonne achieves all of her flawless looks with the BEAUTYBLENDER

 Now we are excited to share this amazing product with you! 

To enter to win 8 original beautyblender® sponges and 1 blendercleanser solid™:

  • Follow @beautyblender and @SpoiledLatina
  • Simply regram the photo, tag someone you'd like to Spoil with these #beautyblender goodies
  • Use the hashtag #FanFavorites for a chance to win.

The winner and their spoiled friend will be announced on 10/23 

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