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What Does Your Mole Look Like? MelaFind Can Help You!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer is over SpoiledOnes!

Now, I am sure y'all all had a fabulous time out there in the sun with all of your cute summer accessories. But, it's time to face the reality about the sun: IT CAN CAUSE CANCER! Even if you were a good #SpoiledOne and used your sunscreen you can still be at risk for skin cancer. Especially if you have visible moles. Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the US. So it is time to get serious and check out your skin.

That is why MelaFind can help you! MelaFind is the only FDA-approved tool to determine whether your mole is at risk. It is also non-invasive and painless, so there is no reason to not get yourself checked. This tool improves the chances of melanoma from 72% to 98.3%. Those are chances I am willing to take!

So look at your moles and if you see any of these signs call your dermatologists  ASAP!!

And to ease the stress, here is a picture of MelaFind so you know what you're getting yourself into!

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