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I am Team Hennessy Houston!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Breaking News:  I have been given the honor to be the "Brand Ambassador" for Hennessy, USA representing the urban Latino in Houston, TX. It is a huge deal not only to me but for Latinos in Houston because Houston was strategically chosen as 1 of 4 cities to have ambassadors/influencers who encompass Team Hennessy Latino.  We are night time influencers with day time business values. We make things happen and you will soon see.

I am so excited for what this means for Houston as a whole!

As part of my training for Team Hennessy I took a trip to NY and the experience was amazing! Sitting in the conference room, with the Hennessy staff and the training, the conversation the commodore between everyone was really special.

The team had a friendly drink mix challenge and I think Houston would be proud to know that I was the winner, well it was a tie between Rudy from TH Miami and mine but we all know I won. lol 

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 What is your #WildRabbit? What motivates you to chase that next level of success? #NeverStopNeverSettle

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