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I'm featured in "Cosmopolitan for Latinas" Summer 2013!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So excited to share with you guys that Michelle Rodriguez, The American Bad Ass Latina actress is gracing the cover of the Summer edition of Cosmo for Latinas, the very mag that I am a "featured blogger" in! 

 Trust me, I want to add more exclamation points to that last statement, but I will control myself. LOL  I got an email about a couple of months ago from Cosmo for Latinas about featuring my blog in the Summer issue. I was at Hooters having lunch with clients of mine and I received that email and ever since, I have a fire inside of me to continue and be the best me, I can be. I have always loved blogging because it gave me my own voice and space on the www to share my thoughts, my feelings, my ideas and in this  case some very awesome news. Never would I have thought, I always wanted and now there is no stopping I!  

  Do you know how hard it was for me to keep this news a secret?! 

The issue is set to be on new stands everywhere on April 30th, 2013 and will be available all SUMMER!

" you know what that means?? I grew up on have a feature, even my name mentioned in that magazine is beyond amaze...What makes me even happier is that it's the Cosmo for Latinas magazine. Being recognized with out seeking it makes me feel special ... thanks for the comments and love you guys!" -  facebook

I was in Miami for Hispanicize and I met tons of fabulous people. One person in particular I was very happyto meet was Editor in Chief of Cosmo for Latinas, Michelle Herrera Mulligan. We met at the bar, hey, don't judge, we were enjoying the Target pool party and happen to be thinking alike lol. 

I was pleased to sit in her "15 minutes of Genius" where she discussed her life as an Editor and struggles as a Latina in that world and her many accomplishments. I walked away with a lot of knowledge and very inspired.  

Don't forget, April 30th, Michelle Rodriguez on the cover, Me in the inside, page 11!!

Talk to you soon SpoiledOnes!! 

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Unknown said...

How exciting!!!! Congratulations! Cosmo Latina is one of my fav magazines!