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Mommy Duties - Potty Training AC

Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Anthony Carter. He's 3, full of energy and life, he's very curious, intuitive and as all 3 year old boys are, he's very daring!  But like I said, he is 3, so we've come to that time in AC's life where it's potty training time and mommy and daddy are on double duty...

 4 million toddlers will embark on potty training each year So when I was asked to participate in the "Madrinas Del Bano" Every Flush Counts campaign by Pull-Ups I thought it was great and right on time!  We have been trying different potty training techniques for the past year, and obviously with no success.  Anthony recently turned 3 and we enrolled him in a montessori school where potty training is something they are also very serious about.  He is learning how to pull his pants up and down and potty in the toilet and this is happening about every 15/20 minutes. *I am the proudest mommy when I pick him up in the same clothes I took him to school in, because that means he is learning to potty and not pee on himself which changes his outfit.
 Oh but when we get home it's a completely different story... I ask him to potty the kicking, crying and stomping usually comes along with it  and becomes discouraging to say the least. 

I've discovered that the Pull Ups facebook page found at  has tons of tips and suggestions for potty training and not just ads focused on selling a product. A great thing about this campaign is that it motivates mothers not to give up! I As a new mom, I am starting to believe the myth that girls learn faster than boys, especially when the tantrums come into play.  I will not give up trying though....Diapers are expensive and honestly I am tired of changing them lol

So this is the plan:

We (daddy and I) will reward and do all we can to get Anthony to sit on his potty and do the do. We are also encouraging our family to help with the efforts and milestone achievements. There will be a reward after every flush, we will clap, sing and we will encourage! It's a party, It's a party! 
We have stickers, lollipops and visits to Chuck-E-Cheese as rewards! ( yes we will even bribe) 

my fashionable potty training trainee 

I'll keep you guys posted on Anthony's milestones and how we are progressing at potty training soon so for now watch this video and learn more about Pull -Ups :)

Why did Pull-Ups create Every Flush?

For Hispanic moms, dads and toddlers everywhere, starting and continuing potty training, every flush is a big deal, signifying the beginning of the transition from baby to Big Kid®. These days, parents are celebrating all of life’s milestones with their kids, both big and small, and potty training shouldn’t be an exception. That’s why the Pull-Ups brand believes that every try deserves a little celebration. Read more about it

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