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Expert potty training tips #everyflush

Friday, March 22, 2013

Being a Huggies Madrina Del Bano I was able to participate in a conference call with Dr. Alberto Cotton and fellow mom blogger Jeannette Kaplun about potty training. Since my son is 3, potty training is in full effect and this call was very helpful to very first potty training experience.

Dr. Alberto Cotton and fellow mom blogger Jeannette Kapluna
Being that my son is 3, I was feeling a bit stressed when the topic of my son not being potty trained was brought up. I had heard that boys and girls are a lot different obviously, but the myth that boys take a little longer and it's simply a little harder was taking its toll.  

So this is what I learned:
  1. All children are different and there are four stages of potty training. Dr. Cotton states that the 1st stage is when the child, in this case my son is wearing a diaper and is wet but it doesn't bother him. He (Anthony) was at this step for a couple of months. The 2nd stage is when the child takes off his diaper and asks to be changed because he cannot stand to be wet. Anthony totally skipped this step. He never told me he needed to be changed, I always changed him before I thought he felt uncomfortable. I do talk and explain to him that a wet diaper is no fun and that it was best for him to let me know so that I can change him.*Speaking to a 2 year old sometimes is the same as talking to a wall. lol  Stage 3 is when the child asks to potty but doesn't make it to the toilet on time and the 4th stage is when the child asks to be taken to the potty and makes it on time.  I am proud to say that we are now officially at the 4th stage of potty training and completely skipped over the 3rd stage.  I have to admit, we are celebrating every moment! 
  2. Sitting or standing for boys- whatever works at the moment. My son is sitting, but now recently has been wanting to stand. We are still working on it. 
  3. Use a Timer- children need structure and repetitiveness and according to Ms. Jeannette setting a 30 minute timer will remind them that its time to go to the potty and after a while won't need a timer because they will automatically know.   
  4. Wiping- for boys is a little easier, girls we must remind them how to wipe and constantly keep reminding them the importance of cleaning. 
  5. Public restrooms- This is a big deal for me. Since my son has been sitting at home, I hate for him to sit at a public restroom. In Latin America, it's OK for a boy to pee by the tree but here in America it isn't seen as normal says Dr. Cotton. He suggests waiting. I am taking Ms. Jeannette's advice and buying a portable seat and buy lots of antibacterial wipes, that way I won't have to worry about my son touching anything which drives me crazy.
My lil man sitting on the potty
We are making Anthony's potty training a family affair. Since he goes over to his auntie and grandparent's house, we have encouraged them to support us in our efforts of saving money on diapers and assist us in potty training. Luckily like I mentioned, since he is in stage 4,  he is asking to sit on the potty and he is listening so it's making his visits a little easier. 

We are celebrating every step of the way by singing a song like Ms. Jeannette suggested or rewarding Anthony with stickers, and hopefully in just a few more months he will be fully potty trained. 

Huggies has an app, that you can download that has tips on making potty training a bit easier. 
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