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My New Favorite Shopping App!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Sunday Spoiledones! I love getting introduced to new apps and as most of you know, I've never  been one to "hide" or not share my favorite apps... Let me introduce you to OUR new favorite shopping app. It's called "Best Decision" It's a free app, available on the iPhone and iPad.

Ok, why do I love it?
  • Shopping customized to you likes
  • Universal shopping- which means Gilt, Wal-Mart, Amazon and more places to buy with 1 shopping cart. Which means heaven on the iPhone (this is where I do a lot of my shopping)  and iPad soon coming to the web. 
  • Bar Code Scanning- price comparison with local retailers on the spot
  • Sharing with Facebook,Twitter and social media sites- I can instantly ask you guys for opinions or share a deal with you.

Why you should download this free app now?
Well first of all with the holidays literally next week, some of us just don't have time to go to ever single store and shop for our loved ones. I love a deal and if I can save a couple of dollars, I sure will. 

  • It's free
  • it's shopping made easy, one credit card, multiple retailers... awesome! 
and its fun! I am not one for rushing to the stores the day after Thanksgiving or waiting in crazy lines when I can stay in the comfort of my own home or car or wherever, shop for the holidays. Toys for my son, house accessories from Gilt, roll back prices from Wal-Mart and best deal on Amazon, shipped directed to me...Great, Just another app to keep me Spoiled! 

shopping from everywhere
this is what I bought!

Highly recommend you Spoiled Ones to download the app and save your self the headache not just for the holidays but from now on. Take advantage of the gifts of free apps

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Ana Lydia Monaco said...

Sounds like a great application! I can't wait to try it myself :)

Anonymous said...

Let the shopping begin