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Monday, August 13, 2012

it was a themed quince "Carnival"
I've been in hiding for about a week or so, well not really actually, if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you've seen that I have been updating those sites.  Now this site, just a little short on love. Please forgive me. I know I promised to deliver so here I am again.  Mixing pics from different events and friends I see along the way on this post. 

my beautiful cousins from Mexico
A cousin of mine had a quince and family drove in from Mexico and flew in from Chicago  along with the fam already in town...we had a blast. Nothing like dancing to old songs by Fito Olivares, Mr. Chivo, Tigres Del Norte and new spanish songs including Bachata and dancing the night away. 

Mexican Candy Bar, including Chamoy

What's a Quince without a Mariachi

My auntie from the Chi


I caught up with Kitty and Yaya at the Juicy J and Devin the Dude concert. It was Trippy indeed. Thanks to Jessica Vickery, it's all love mama! xo 

Kitty and I
Devin on stage
Backstage with Yaya #Trippy
Juicy J had the crowd bouncing

I joined my friend Athena and her friends and family for a night out at "Beso" at House of Blues on Saturday of last week. Gotta thank Marco of Impresario Latino for always being a gentlemen and taking care of me and my crew! The bottle was great, too bad we didn't finish it and your after hours spot wasn't open! #nextweek haha

Oscar was looking spiffy
Athena and her posse

good times
Athena, Ricky, Marco and the gang, say Cheese!

Monica LV- xo dollface

The day after I attended the wedding of my friends Jessica and Nelson aka the "Hip Hop Girl and the Rocker Guy".  Hate that I arrived late, but the last part of the ceremony did make me cry. I can imagine the whole ceremony, my lashes would have came undone. lol May God continue to bless you guys! xo

My beautiful friend got married!
Me, Jess, Nelson and Tequila
back up to the weekend prior, at Sneaker Summit. This pic of Jess and I, think it's a great shot! Thanks Run Houston!
with Jessica at Sneaker Summit
2 weeks before that at Escapade was a huge radio station concert and my intention was to catch the Liberacion show, which I didn't. Still a fun night and got to meet and see Pesado play #ItsaMexicanThing 

packed house
backstage at Pesado
and more Pesado
Thanks to Cesar!

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