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Summer Inspiration

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jenni Reed, is the make up & beauty editor of Caoeus Magazine, I met her during a meeting for a reality show that we were supposed to be casted in, but never came to be, however we did keep in touch. I always love meeting women who are intelligent, fashionable and go-getters!

Mariela Perez
Jenni was inspired by and several posts to show me some of my suggestions come to life. Jenni and her glam squad who are from all over H-Town, consist of herself on makeup, Marcheeta Ebarb on hair, and Monique Bickham the fashion stylist. They all collaborated and wa-la!   I love the color contrasts, the turquoise  and the photographer  for the shoot was Austin Goswick.

Great Job! I can't wait to work with the team!! And you can see Mariela the model walking the runway at Houston Fashion Week.