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KimYe or KanKim out & about

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kanye and Kim K, were spotted shopping at Neiman Marcus in Woodland Hills, CA this week. Kim is actually looking very casual compared to normal glam Kim. She still looks cute, pairing her Washborn Coated Jeggings in black with boots, a white T and zip up hoodie. Kanye, looked casually cute. They were matching. Something I've noticed Kanye likes to do with his gals.

It's nice to see Kim kind of looking "normal" vs her everyday glam, but than again I think Kanye is also influencing her style and telling her to pair this with this...

In case you missed Kanye on KUWTK on Monday, well he made his debut on the show and like it or not, he will be a regular. Here is a clip of his first appearance.

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