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Meet Eric Williams

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday Spoiled Ones! 

I'm happy to share some awesome news with you, Celebrity Hair Stylist Eric R. Williams who is known for his amazing weaves/hair extensions has recently made the big move from Maryland to New York and is now being represented by my good friends at Top 5 Management. Eric is the one who introduced me to Mixed Chicks products a couple of weeks ago, because as most of you know my son is a mixed kid and I must say, the products have really helped tame my 2 year olds hair. (I'll post about Mixed Chicks real soon) 

Eric has recently worked with Selita Ebanks and Disney's McClain Sister at the White House and he just returned from Revel Resorts where he worked with Beyonce's Band and Dancers, and his biggest dream is to work with the Queen B herself...  

Q&A after the jump 

How did you get introduced to Top 5
I got introduced to my agency from makeup artist Victor Henao while working on a photo shoot.

How is work different in NY than Maryland?
NY is the capital for fashion and entertainment and MD is more residential and focused on salon work.

How old were you when you first, cut or styled someones hair?
I was 17 at the time i started experimenting with hair.

Did you ever get hair cuts by anyone in your family who does hair? if so, was there one that you did not like and describe it. ( I ask because my mother was a hairdresser and she used to want to cut my hair and every time she did, I cried dramatically because I didn't like it, than a week or so later, after I HAD to get over it, I liked it. 
When I was younger my father use to cut my hair and I was so embarrassed going to school.. this clearly wasn't his profession .... my mom was a hairstylist.

Thank you for recommending I try Mixed Chicks for my son's hair. His hair is not thick but he does have alot of curls, it isn't oily either. Should I wash his hair every other day and maybe condition once a day than use the leave in do you recommend me use the products and what are the benefits of using brands that have specific items for children? 

I love Mixed Chicks for kids.. The line is formulated specifically for children, has no harsh surfactants in the shampoo and is very gentle on the hair without stripping the it of essential oils. I would shampoo every other day and always use a conditioner after shampooing. You can also use Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner as its also great for the summer and protecting the hair from the sun. Although we love conditioner you can over condition hair wear its weighed down and lifeless.

What sets you apart from other hairstylists in the game? Why should one book you versus another?
My precise attention to detail and humble spirit.... I have so much experience with hair from all walks of life and can create something out of nothing.

What was your favorite product to use backstage at Revel Live in Atlantic City for "stage hair"?
My favorite stage product is L'Oreal Elnett hairspray as it gave the hair long lasting hold and memory for the dancers through out the concert. This hairsray is a must have in a hairstylist kit so make sure you have one at home as well.

If you could style Queen Beyonce for one day, what is it that you would do to her hair and why?
I would love to create a retro 50's Veronica Lake look on Beyonce because she is a perfect canvas and can own the hairstyle.

How much do you love a Spoiled Latina?
I love a Spoiled Latina because after I finish creating my magic they add so much sexiness & personality to the look!