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Tejano Nights

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Growing up in Texas, It's inevitable not to listen to or have heard a Tejano song. I was introduced to Tejano music at a very early age. Having been raised in Corpus Christi, my mother worked for a local radio station and Selena, La Mafia, Mazz, Bronco, were all groups that were played at the station (which my little sis and I practically grew up at) or blazing in the speakers of our home.

Fun Night with Roxxi & Friends
Kind of embarrassed to say, but I was never into Tejano music. I think once I was in high school I kinda forced myself to liking it because friends of mine did and living in Rio Grande Valley I felt I had to. So there I was at the Valley Fests or concert halls acting like I knew what was going on. Lol

Now I'm much older and I appreciate the music I was raised around. Especially when it brings back awesome memories of family barBques, dancing with my uncles and just being with family!
our friend Ricky of Intocable

I had loads of fun last night with my girls Celina and Roxxi at the Fito Olivares and Intocable concert... My first time seeing either of them. I had a blast, thanks to them for the hospitality! :)

Oscar from 'La Mafia'
Fito Olivares brother. lol ( i thought it was fito) 
Spoiled Latinas Celina and Roxxi
Ricky of Intocable

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