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Glitzy Lips,(Katy Perry, Ashanti) makes Grammy & GMA debut

Monday, February 13, 2012

Katy Perry performed a powerful song last night at the Grammy's and her GlitzyLips  were popping! I've blogged about Glitzy Lips before and most of you know I am a GlitzyGirl and We are too excited that she is wearing "Pink Couture" one of the many shades by creator Athena from MinxHouston

And this morning Ashanti wore GlitzyLips to her performance on Good Morning America as she performed one of her own songs and also a tribute song to Whitney Houston. *RIP

Order your GlitzyLips now at and be one of the first to start wearing the trendiest lip foil on the market and be the most popular girl in the spot!

Also booking GlitzyGirl me to find out more, super fun way to have a Girls Night Out!

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