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Eva Mendez covers Marie Claire

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spoiled Latina, Eva Mendez covers Marie Claire and does it well!  Love the bustier and her makeup and hair looks very old Hollywood. In her interview she talks body image and says "it doesn't matter what you have or what yoou look like. It's something evtryone has to work at. I realize I have contributed a certain happy, healthy, empowered image, but that's not all of me."

going on to say "I feel its important to let women know that I have similar struggles. what I tell girls is what they don't like about themselves now, they will probably end up loving as an adult, because when I am complimented on things I didn't like at 13, like my overbite and my mole, that's when you realize that your imperfections are why people love you."

I can totally relate to her and I am happy she is being a positive role model to young girls.

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