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Stay Positive My Friends

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Always look at things on the bright side! Positive thinking is a definite in times where it seems the world is out to get you or it's just one of those days. Remember the way we think, is who we are. So why waste your time being negative. We all go through rough patches, but hey if HE brings us to it, HE can see us through it!

I had a GREAT & peaceful day today. Started out by meeting Lisa my makeup artist, she worked on my brows and gave my body that summer glow ☺. Walked over to the farmers market looking for bananas and there were none, so I bought strawberries, some Indian empanadas and farm fed ground beef.

Later went to celebrate Max's birthday at The Toyota Center where the Rockets took on the Knicks and won.

Overall it was a GREAT day!

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