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Chanel spring/summer 2012 Gym shoe

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who would dare wear their designer duds to workout and sweat in? A SpoiledLatina that's who! 😉

Lux fashion brand, conducted by Karl Lagerfeld ,gives us the most prestigious fashion catwalks and now has just launched a collection of clothing and accessories for Sports! Health and Beauty go hand in hand with fashion so it was only natural that the geniuses at Chanel create this.

The clothing and accessories are perfect for ‘jogging or any other "sport" i personally wouldn't work out in them, i would just wear it on my comfy days.

Chanel sneakers are definitely trendy, with a white background, colorful details and logo in full view. The shoes are part of the spring-summer 2012 and the brand on sale now this month of January!

Remember they are Chanel so they will be pricey.. $700 & up

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