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Kim K Fashionable Divorce

Monday, October 31, 2011

Usually, I wouldn't blog about Kim Kardashian because everyone one including their mother, literally talk about her. Well, now I have joined the clan...hehe. I wasn't too shocked to hear this morning, that she filed for divorce, because of her reputation and history with multiple spin off story lines and such. But being a woman and knowing we do love, love I was disappointed. Why the over exaggerated wedding and 2 hour wedding special on E!? When there are people who are truly in love and would love a $5000 wedding much less a 10Million $ one. It was obvious to me that E! showing us that they fought and did not get along on tv, that this was bound to happen. 

Kim with Monica Rose
Anyway enough about that. I love fashion and we cannot deny, hate her or love her, Kim can dress her a** off. As some of you recall, her wardrobe consisted of the same dress in a different color for every day of the week. That all changed when she handed over her closet to Celebrity Stylist Monica Rose Since than Monica has revamped Kim's look and has made her the fashion goddess that she is today. Some may not like her style, I however do. I hear Monica hand picks her daily outfits down to the accessories for Kim and the crew. Very SpoiledLike, I Love!!

I enjoy visiting Monica Rose's fashion blog to inspire me in my daily wear. Very classy, chic, sophisticated with that perfect edge that is not over the top. LOVE!

Enjoy some photos of Kim and The Kardashian Clan styled by Monica Rose :)

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