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Everybody Loves HOT Pink!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great News in the Beauty Blender world! The cute little sponge that you probably have been seeing in many magazine beauty articles has been granted the official rights by the U.S. Patent office to use the "hot pink" color on any make up applicator sponge here after. This is awesome, especially since there are a growing number of sponges that are using the same pink.

What is so special about The Beauty Blender you ask?
Well, I love the color, that is what attracted me to it first. Second, this hi-definition cosmetic sponge applicator has helped professionals and everyday women alike obtain beautiful, flawless skin.  A lot of my friends, know that no matter where I go, I carry my pink sponge to apply my make up and to touch it up through out the day. I want my face to always have that flawless finish and that is why I use it!! 

After 20 years of successfully creating beauty images in the entertainment industry, the creation of the original Beautyblender® was my proudest piece of work and I am thrilled to have left my “beauty” mark on the makeup industry,” said Rea Ann Silva #LatinasMakingBIGMoves Loves it!!
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