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Lips That Pop, Make The Party Rock

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love all things Spoiled and Athena of Minx Houston has created a fancy lip foil that is one of its kind, there fore very something I love. "Glitzy Lips"  it's like a lipstick but is a lip foil, that lasts for about 8 hours. GL come in different colors and I wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce or Lady Gaga is caught rocking them soon!

I am the Official Glitzy Lips Doll and you can catch me on on all things Glitzy Lips!

Want to win a Glitzy Lip? Read below for more info on how to win

take a look at the how to video:

To win TWEET

"I need @GlitzyLips in my life and want my lips to Pop like @SpoiledLatina, RT to Win" make sure to follow @GlitzyLips on Twitter and me too @SpoiledLatina

double your chance by liking Glitzy Lips on Facebook and liking my page too click here

contest ends 10/29/11

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