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Meet the Girls of The Spice

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I was casted to be one of 4 young Latina's for a view style show called "The Spice" that will be airing on Mi Casa Broadcasting I am excited to be working with the girls who are very smart, beautiful and full of great energy and topics!  MCB is an English speaking Latin station that is expanding to all markets rapidly. MCB website states:

Spice is Mi Casa Broadcasting Networks newest and hottest show made in the Mi Casa Broadcasting Network studio. It is a show that features four Latina's discussing the hottest topics about entertainment, celebrities, and life. These four Latina's come from different backgrounds giving different perspectives, point-of-views, and opinions on each topic that they discuss.

These are just snap shots that we took with our phones that I am sharing with you guys!

Get some Spice in Your life!

Jenn, Me, Kim & Tabitha

break between sets
speaking my mind :)

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