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Expert potty training tips #everyflush

Being a Huggies Madrina Del Bano I was able to participate in a conference call with Dr. Alberto Cotton and fellow mom blogger Jeannette Kaplun about potty training. Since my son is 3, potty training is in full effect and this call was very helpful to very first potty training experience.
Being that my son is 3, I was feeling a bit stressed when the topic of my son not being potty trained was brought up. I had heard that boys and girls are a lot different obviously, but the myth that boys take a little longer and it's simply a little harder was taking its toll.  
So this is what I learned: All children are different and there are four stages of potty training. Dr. Cotton states that the 1st stage is when the child, in this case my son is wearing a diaper and is wet but it doesn't bother him. He (Anthony) was at this step for a couple of months. The 2nd stage is when the child takes off his diaper and asks to be changed because he cannot stand to be wet. Anthony totally skipped th…

Orgullosa - Skirts Only - Fashion Show TONIGHT!

The Board of Faldas, Christina Milian, and Adrienne Bailon will be participating in tonights P&G's Orgullosa "Skirts Only" fashion show. Ladies all over the world can view the livestream of the first ever LIVE Orgullosa fashion show, tonight  Tuesday March 19th at 6pm cst. simply by liking the Official Orgullosa Facebook Page
You know I love Spoiing you guys, so I will also be hosting a below for more info about the prizes :) 

make sure to watch the live stream than tweet me to win! Extra points if you post a photo on instagram and tag @SpoiledLatina of you in a skirt, or tell me what makes you an Orgullosa woman! tag #SpoiledOrgullosa

Not included in the photos are an Orgullosa notebook, mirror and four P&G beauty products which will also be included in the prize pack.

New Music: Joan Sebastian & Will I. Am

Not your oridinary collaboration, you see Joan Sebastian is a Mexican Regional singer who is about the age of my daddy and Will I Am, well we all know who he is, Mr. Black Eye Peas.  Both of whom are Grammy winners, respected in their genre of music and being collegues in the music business they managed to work the business aspect out.

News of this collab first came out last year around this time when Joan announced he had been writing english songs and wanted Will to produce the album. Very smart decision to accept for Mr. I Am. because Joan Sebastian has a very strong and loyal fan base and Will does too and not to mention anything he touches is instantly a hit. Yet, I was a bit apprehensive when I was going to listen to the track.
It is titled "I want to be happy" it is an upbeat sound, basically telling the woman of his dreams, that he wants to be happy and tired of the bs. ( typical )  It's catchy, it'll be one of those young college days, drunken nights, young…

SidePiece by Isaac Lyons

Had a great time at "SidePiece" event hosted by accessory designer Isaac Lyons.  I met Isaac during my COEUS magazine cover shoot. His pieces are strictly words that can be worn to make a statement.  He gave me a "Spoiled" and a "Latina" piece. Love them both and totally forgot to rock them that night..take a look at some of the pics from the event. Look out for more of Isaac and his sidepieces. 

Mommy Duties - Potty Training AC

Meet Anthony Carter. He's 3, full of energy and life, he's very curious, intuitive and as all 3 year old boys are, he's very daring!  But like I said, he is 3, so we've come to that time in AC's life where it's potty training time and mommy and daddy are on double duty...
 4 million toddlers will embark on potty training each year So when I was asked to participate in the "Madrinas Del Bano" Every Flush Counts campaign by Pull-Ups I thought it was great and right on time!  We have been trying different potty training techniques for the past year, and obviously with no success.  Anthony recently turned 3 and we enrolled him in a montessori school where potty training is something they are also very serious about.  He is learning how to pull his pants up and down and potty in the toilet and this is happening about every 15/20 minutes. *I am the proudest mommy when I pick him up in the same clothes I took him to school in, because that means he is learn…