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Houston Fashion Bloggers Holiday party

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I am slacking on my pimpin My posts have been slow, with the holidays and all I have just neglected my poor baby. But here I am today, with a little cold,  the day after Christmas with a bit of energy and hoping to catch up. Hope all is well in your world! Merry Christmas!

Mandy joined me and I dressed her (long story)   
Couples of weeks ago, I was invited to the Houston Fashion Bloggers Holiday party held at Saks 5th and I was particularly excited to meet the founder and the rest of the fashion bloggers in town. To my surprise, there were quite a few. I mean Houston is a large city so I knew there would be some fashionistas with the same goals and like as me.   

It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I will most def see you guys a lot more in 2013.

 Brilliant Blu BrittanyNikiage Washington,Valerie Greene Anderson and LaReina Reign Boxley-Martin

my take on Net10 Wireless...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

my take on Net10 Wireless...
I love new gadgets and phones especially, so when I got offered to try out the new Net10 Wireless phones and their phone plans I naturally obliged.  Ok, so let me tell you about Net10 Wireless, they are a new phone company focusing on family plans while saving us the consumers some bucks in these economic hardships.  We could all use some extra money in out pockets and Net10 is making it easy for everyone to have their own phone, without going over minutes or getting charged extra for text messaging. 

I, being the Spoiledone that I am, had first dibs at the phones and I chose to try out the LG Optimus Logic which I am actually loving right now. It's a touch screen phone, I am able to download my favorite apps, such as Instagram and Facebook. It has a seamless integration with google apps therefore allowing me to download my calendar and contacts to this phone. It's a nice size, clean and sturdy phone. I have already downloaded children's learning apps also for my soon to be 3 year old to learn with. 

My hubby who has been a strict blackberry user, is happy to be trying out a new phone that he could actually get online easier with, and download games and apps. Something he is not used to doing. Mr. SL will be using the LG800G  good thing about this particular phone is that it only weighs 3 ounces, its touch screen and easy to use. 

my friend Cristell on my LG Optimus phone
So here is how Net10 Wireless works, and why I think its a smart decision. No credit checks, low monthly fees, great phones and the family rate plans are unbeatable. With the new Family Talk plans, Net10 is an even better choice for families! 

They give you all the great savings of a contract plan without the contract, nationwide service on Americas most dependable networks and the best part of it all, no activation or cancellation fees!! Whoop! First like is $50 bucks unlimited data, text and talk and each additional like you add is only $40 more.  so thats..... 

2 line family plan: $90 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

3 line family plan: $130 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

4 line family plan: $170 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

I know for certain, that me and most of my friends pay at least $100 per month for just one line. So 2 lines at $90 and at $85 if we do automatic refill, will surely make for an extra pair of shoes in our closets. lol 

To find out more about Net10 Wireless, visit them now at 

-       Net10 Wireless Latino on YouTube:

-       Net10 Wireless Latino on Facebook:
-       Net10Latino on Twitter:

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless.  However, all opinions expressed are my own

My collab with Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My collab with Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique
Excited to partner with Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique as the official Texas Brand Ambassador. Take a look at the video, shows me picking out my extensions, and more. 

contact them in Houston for all you hair needs.

Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique
2015 West Alabama
Houston, TX



now watch and see....

Makeup2 (squared) Launch Party hosted by Me

Makeup2 (squared) Launch Party hosted by Me

Had the pleasure of hosting a long time friend of mine's make up launch over the weekend. Tee Burr is a celebrity make up artist who I met when I hired her for some music videos a looong time ago. I always kept in contact with her, so when she told me she was launching her own make up line called Makeup Squared and asked me to host her launch party, it was a no brainer.

The evening was filled with fabulous women, great music, good food and lots of laughs and a good time!

You have to support the line, which is the only cosmetics brand designed for women who represent all ethnicities & myriad of skin tone. And guess what, a SpoiledLatina collection may soon be in the making :)

Mandy came out to support

Tee is a makeup genius

the colors are highly pigmented, i love them all

Stop by the store in Houston 
2015 w. Alabama
Houston, TX 77098

Wine (Columbia Crest) & Dinner

Wine (Columbia Crest) & Dinner
I was invited to a sit down dinner at Haven with head wine maker at Columbia Crest Winery, Juan A. Munoz Oca who happens to be Latino by way of Argentina.

I was excited to have gotten an invite from Columbia Crest, and although my tummy wasn't too happy that evening I did enjoy my experience. I was happy to meet other social media gurus and the wine maker himself.  We ate a fab dinner paired with different wines and got to know the wine maker. Our food was even brought out to us by the head chef, how cool is that?

Juan was so cordial, he spoke about growing up in Argentina and how his grandfather and him would walk the vineyards as a child. I think its awesome how everyone in this world is different and lead interesting lives in their own right. Him being a wine maker he was so knowledgable about the different wines we tasted, obviously because he made them, but he was passionate about them. Juan also explained why Washington is just as great or an even better location for a winery than Napa Valley. Why you ask, well for one it never rains making it a perfect climate for a grapes to grow and the fact that they have their own irrigation system allows them to create the perfect wines.

Mr. Juan and I
The wines were so delicious, not dry and when I found out the prices of the wines I was surprised. A great bottle of quality wine sold between $8-15. Meaning, we can all enjoy wine and be fancy on a budget. love it!  Out of the 4 different wines we tasted, including 2010 Chardonnay, 2010 Les Chevaux Red Wine, the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite. It was a taste of cherries with a cocoa finish, it was soooo yummy! I actually need a glass right now. lol

our dinner, so good (all Texas raised & grown)

Chef Randy Rucker (one of the best chef's in Houston)

i love a table with wine glasses flowing
Overall, I had a great time, tasted some new wines that will now be purchased by myself and friends of mine. A big thank you to Columbia Crest for the invite, keep up the great work Juan!

RIP Jenni

Monday, December 10, 2012

RIP Jenni
Although, I wasn't one to listen to Jenni Rivera or much of her music, I did see how the Latino public loved them some Jenni. She was always one to speak her mind, was a strong woman, held her own in the entertainment business and either you loved her or hated her but she was unrecognizable. It's kind of hard for me to write this blog post because to me, being Mexican American and the age that I am now, we haven't felt this pain for one of our own since Selena.  This whole day December 10th, seems to be dedicated to her, her life and what she has left only as memories to us, her fans.  As is sit here, I am watching her on TV as they are replaying her music over and over....

Jenni Rivera performed what was her last and final concert in Monterrey, NL. which happens to be an hour away from where I spent a lot of my summers as a child. She was said to be traveling with her lawyer, make up artist and a few others who have all lost their life yesterday shortly after  3:30am.

She left  behind 5 children and 2 grandchildren ( my thoughts and condolences are with her family) a music legacy and was about to embark in movies making her film debut next month....So sad and tragic. 

Remember to love those around you. Always show your appreciation to others, say I love you when you do, because nothing in life is promised. 

I love you SpoiledOnes!