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Kim K Fashionable Divorce

Usually, I wouldn't blog about Kim Kardashian because everyone one including their mother, literally talk about her. Well, now I have joined the clan...hehe. I wasn't too shocked to hear this morning, that she filed for divorce, because of her reputation and history with multiple spin off story lines and such. But being a woman and knowing we do love, love I was disappointed. Why the over exaggerated wedding and 2 hour wedding special on E!? When there are people who are truly in love and would love a $5000 wedding much less a 10Million $ one. It was obvious to me that E! showing us that they fought and did not get along on tv, that this was bound to happen. 
Anyway enough about that. I love fashion and we cannot deny, hate her or love her, Kim can dress her a** off. As some of you recall, her wardrobe consisted of the same dress in a different color for every day of the week. That all changed when she handed over her closet to Celebrity Stylist Monica Rose Since than Monica ha…

Interview Baby Bash, Ace Hood, Paul Wall, Kirko Bangz, Slim Thug & C. Stone

You might remember when I posted about interviewing Waka Flaka & others at the Dub Show a while back...On the Scene well now I'm excited to show you guys footage that will be on a SwishaHouse DVD Michael Watts birthday edition.  I caught up with my boys at the Dub Car Show and interviewed them for SwishaHouse TV.  Official Dvd coming soon :)

Gloria Estefan The Latin Goddess-video

Honestly, I must have been under a rock somewhere or not in the "right" places for me not have heard Gloria Estefan's new song- Wepa. I was up last night flipping channels and Leno was on..I stayed on the channel   when they announced Little Miss Havana would be performing. In my head, I was thinking 'ok, I see Miss Gloria doing her thing right? Than the song came on and instantly I was dancing in my It hypnotized me!  I woke up this morning to the song in my head and sent out at tweet about how I loved the song and to my super suprise, she replied with a MUAH!! Love me a Latin Legend!

SpoiledLatina Birthday Celebration

I had so much fun at my birthday party on Friday....take a look at the pics and Thank you to everyone for the birthday love!! XO

Official Birthday Pics

October 7th is my birthday and I am so thankful for everyone in my life at this moment! My family, I love you more than you could ever imagine. I am in Houston, married to the man of my dreams, I have a beautiful son who really is my dream baby and my true friends are so supportive and really love me for me! I appreciate your honesty and so glad you just don't say Yes to me, just to make me happy.

This coming year will be an amazing time in my life and I am looking forward to the memories of today and reminiscing on them years from now. Thank you to everyone that is sharing in my joy.


BTS-Video- Birthday Shoot

Thanks to my team!!

Fashion Night Out- LakeWood

I attend Lakewood Church and I just love how they unite women and empower us like no other. Last night at Lakewood was no exception. They held their 6th Annual Fashion Show sponsored by Dillards and if I had not seen the fashion on the runway, I probably would never know what cute stuff Dillards carries.  The Fashion was back to back with different textures, patterns and designs. The ladies in the crowd loved it...and I am still loving the $500 Dillards gift certificate that was given away.