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Merry Christmas!

Cheers to you!! Hope your day was full of happiness and Joy like mine was! Too bad I wasn't with my brothers or sisters, but they were definitely in my heart.

So many happy memories were made today that I'm grateful to Jesus Christ for being born and allowing for this day to happen. Also, thanking the man in my life for my wonderful life and my beautiful son!

I can't wait to embark on 2011 and keep doing what I love! So many things are in the works, I'm anxious to share with you. Soon enough ;-)

Many blessings to you and yours from,


Catching up with Mickael- producer extraordinaire

While at the Latin Grammy event a couple of weeks ago, I was able to chat with Mickael and his artist Sky...take a listen at what is going on in their lives..enjoy!

disclaimer: I obviously had a couple of drinks before this. lol

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Happy Birthday CrysWall - Birthday Pics

Happy Birthday to Crystal! She celebrated her "Fabulous at 30" party at Zula Lounge in Houston...check out pics from the bash!

SpoiledLatina Holiday Makeover

Take a peek ...I gave someone a SpoiledLatina makeover !! Thanks to the gals at Serendipity 3 and to Lisa Pelayo the Makeup Artist...and of course my beautiful model Maria!

 If you don't live in Houston, don't your local mall or boutiques and find something that flatters your body and that you feel comfortable in. It's all about feeling self confident and feeling beautiful!!

Happy Holidays!

Pitbull concert VIP status

Eye Brows

I hardly do this, but yesterday I was so in need of an emergency Eyebrow guru, I was going to shoot a fashion segment for SpoiledLatinaTV and didn't want to be looking like a messy latina . Well I walked into a random hair salon on Westheimer who didn't do eyebrows but recommended going to a placed called "Solution". I drove down the street, and luckily it was in the same shopping square of the boutique that I was shooting at.
I was scared, the thought of a new person touching my eyebrows made me pray about 3 Ladies you know how we are about our eyebrows, not just anyone can touch these things. Solutions is a modern, full service salon for the modern person. You walk into the place and it's all white with large open windows, art on the wall from local high school students and artists. It was just a nice, clean, fresh place to be. Joel, tended to my eyebrows. I didn't wax or thread instead Joel plucked each hair out one by one and brought out my nat…